[VIDEO] Your Gift vs. Your Passion

If you’ve been a part of my Act Like A Success Community for any amount of time, you know I talk quite a bit about the importance of discovering your gift.

I hear people talk all the time about their gift and passion as if they are the same thing. So many people confuse the two or treat them as interchangeable. And the truth is, they are very different.

At my Act Like A Success Conference last month, I shared the major difference between the two and the challenge to reaching your next level of success if you don’t know the distinction.

Check out this clip from my first session and learn why your next level of success depends on understanding this concept.

Watch the Video:

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  • D Weeks says:

    So I have identified my gift “working with kids” now how do I take that and utilize it for rewards?

  • Angela says:

    Thank you for sharing and for being willing to deposit life into others. Steve you and your team are amazing! This piece here, is Life CHANGING!

  • Sheryl says:

    Steve, I enjoyed listening to you talk about the “gift”. I believe my gift is encouraging others, whether I do it when I sing or teaching the young children in church or discussion time during our Success Meeting nights. So how do I implant that during the times I am conducting individual or group makeovers(facials) to the point that it will allow the women to feel encouraged and trust my opinion.

  • Natalie says:

    Identifying your gift!! Humph, I sat in that thing right there. Thank you Steve Harvey. Today 6/28/2016 I am committing to the gift God gave me.

  • Lori says:

    Everyone talks about finding your gift, but no one gives you the tools to finding your gift. I know you say your gift is what you do with the least amount of effort. One may do many things effortlessly, how do you narrow it down to find your true God-given gift(s)?

  • LAURIE Wright says:

    Steve Harvey is so inspirational. After the conference, I came home and created two vision boards, one with motivational words, the other with images of my dreams and goals to propel my gift. I also started a newsletter on my job to help me with creative writing. Everyday I wake up, I want to do something that will get me closer to living my gift.

  • Phyllis says:

    Totally agree with Dteve Harvey. Those fortunate enough to attend his conference must have walked away with such enthusiasm and enlightenment (empowerment). But for those of us that could not attend, just Steve’s words here in this video helped me realize my gift from God. I’ve heard the inner voice for years, but just hearing Steve say this in his words, makes me realize my gift is real and it is from God. I will do what my gift is and when it is done, I’ll let you all know. In the meantime, open your gift from God – your personal talent – and run with it! God bless!

  • Kelvin Wilson says:

    Amen steve

  • hattie winfrey mcclore says:

    I just finished college with my degree in business management my goal is to get more into real estate investment but lack of funds is keeping me from discovering my gift…..

  • Kelvin Wilson says:

    Hi Mr Steve Harvey my name is kelvin Wilson you are and is so inspirational. After the conference, I came home and created two vision boards, one with motivational words, the other with images of my dreams and goals to propel my gift. I also started a newsletter on my job to help me with creative writing. Everyday I wake up, I want to do something that will get me closer to living my gift. I hope you visit baton rouge la sometimes soon.

  • Kathy says:

    This is soooo on time!

    • Dr. Shirley Clark says:

      Steve, you are so right. This is truly God! Last week I just booked a coach to come and share at a meeting of mine on “How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit.” After booking her, I began to ponder on the topic, and I thought to myself, this is not the correct formula. We have to learn how to turn our PURPOSE into profit and not PASSION. So, I decide last week to offer coaching training on “How to Turn Your Purpose Into Profit.” We will be offering this course in our Anointed For Business Leadership Institute going forward. God is forever AMAZING me!!! Keep letting Him use you.

  • Calvin Purnell, Jr. says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I sat in the third row when you spoke on this at the ALAS Conference. It was amazing! To answer the Lori’s question. The tools needed to identify your gift is sitting with yourself and asking God to reveal the gift to you. You have to quiet the noise in your head and outer surroundings and be still and listen. Many people are able to do many things effortlessly but those many things tie into the one thing God gave you. That is your gift. Hone in on it and work it.

    D Weeks – Your reward is helping the kids you work with and seeing them grow into what they are to be based on your efforts and time spent with them. Keep working your gift and the money will come.

    I learned to give my gift away because it’s not for me to hold on to. It’s all about doing God’s work to help others grow into what they are supposed to be. I learned to stop looking for the money to come from my efforts every time I provide a service. It will come in time. It definitely doesn’t happen over night. We still have work to do in order to manifest the monetary rewards. We have to allow God to lead us in the direction we are supposed to go in. Too many of us have our hands out expecting the money to come right away. When you become patient and know your God given gifts and efforts are being used by the people we service, that’s the true reward. Continue being the service provider God made you to be and God will take care of you. ~CP Speaks, LLC

  • Tamesha Brisbon says:

    Steve Harvey speaks the truth. Even if you know what your gift is but just need a little encouragement, listen to the video clip not just once but at least 3 times. You won’t regret it. Thanks Steve.

  • Dalton Price says:

    Brother Steve, that was some of the simplest and most profound information all at the same time. “My gift is the thing that I do the best with the least amount of effort.” I love helping people and I love speaking to and encouraging people. I believe that I have found away to tie them together. Making money at it later down the line would be great but right now I can’t think about the money side. I’m using my gift. The rest will come. Right now I am “Sharpening my Saw, I am working on my craft, I am making a difference in the lives of others”. I now that “if I do more than what I get paid to do, I will always get paid for more than what I do”.

    Dalton L. Price

  • Rebecca Brown says:

    What comes to me with little or no effort is my ability to listen to people and really hear what they are saying. Also cooking out of the blue I see recipe’s forming together in my mind. I love the way that you are making your seeds grow from your gift Mr. Harvey!

  • Jacquilin Isom says:

    As a entrepreneur and inventor you said the simplest most profound words that makes my heart beat. Passion and gift both is done with love, heart and soul but understanding what comes natural and easy vs what is forced and praticed is the difference. Steve is correct in we always bring up God in expressing or defending our gift or passion but until I saw this video, it is apparent that only your gift is spoke on. This was for me, I received it and confirmed that mines is a gift. Thank you the message to revive a dream.

  • Yolanda Garraway says:

    I know what my gift is and how to put it to use, however, my issue is how to bring it to fruition and profit from it.

  • FREDERICA Broadney says:


  • Shawan Daniels says:

    At this very moment I realized that it is a big difference between your passion and your gift. I feel like this part of the conference was meant just for me. I receive !!!!!

  • Sawyet says:

    My gift is being a great back-up person.When you see the front person out there shining and doing well there is a back-up person that makes things run smooth. No spots on the clothes, no food in the teeth, breath is good. I am good and enjoy taking care if the little things. As a former Toastmaster, the spot light is not an issue. The missed things is where I excel, but where do I go with it?

  • Teneisha Campbell says:

    Hi Steve, My name is Teneisha and I know my gift. God has blessed me with inspiring people. I focus more on kids because I have a heart to help kids succeed. What do you do when you know your gift, but have a difficult time getting support in carrying out your mission. I have been working on a kids fashion week in Dallas that is focus on confidence building for kids, but I am having a hard time landing help to promote it. I know it will happen, but I need help.

  • Annie Stoudemire says:

    I know what my gift and talent is, just need help in funding them. As I watch your videos, I’m thinking, how do I get my gift on the market when I’m unable to fund it. I just need a little help with it; not a hand out but a helping hand. If need be, I will sell, or give a percentage or even let my sponsor market it for me. Mr. Harvey, you already have the know how, so I will be willing to let you market it for me. I’m on a fixed income and don’t have the funds to do so. I got hurt and I wound up disabled but my ideas are the same. I have designed T-shirts, and Eyewear which will target both young and old! I just need a chance!

  • Donyelle McBride says:

    Steve hit the nail on the head with this one. I had a conversation with myself 22yrs ago and asked myself a series of questions including what is my gift. My answer was “something you loved doing as a child you could did all day without pay.” I have a passion for what I do. I now travel all over the world teaching, and training others via my gift!

  • Winifred Smith Eure says:

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for sharing ! I have a gift for writing poetry.. I very much admired the late Maya Angelou. I have self-published
    6 books, but have yet to be published by a major publisher such as Random House. That’s my dream. I am a
    senior citizen and feel like I’m running out of time before my dream comes true.

  • IC says:

    I know my gift , is been clear to me all my life , at times it was confusing, because the difference between my passion and my gift was minimal to separate one from another , and Steve let me tell you ,Thank you,Thank you and Thank you, reading some of your blogs following your words of wisdom , have completely made it clear , Im a humanitarian and really enjoy getting others to act positive ,think positive and most of all to have faith , witch to me is the most important tool in life, I have help many brothers and sisters for years to adopt and keep good habits , witch we all know are easy to find but very hard to adopt and keep, whether they are athletes , or just regular people looking for an answer, recently I took a step into making my gift my biggest asset , and although my passion for coaching still very much in my mind , it has been replace by the gift and abilities the lord gave me and sits deep in my heart . I know we all worried about how we be able to expand our gift, but trust me on this one , once we find our gift and act on it , our LORD will take care of the rest, just walk on FAITH and you will see.Steve,Thank you one more time.

  • Claudia says:

    Steve, you are such a blessing to people all over the world. I am so very proud of you as a young Black brother doing so many EXCELLENT things all around the world. Continue to reach out and help the young brothers through your mentor programs. I would be so honored if me and my family could come and participate on Family Freud before the end of 2016. I am a member of The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I know that you are a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Please let me know how my family and I would be able to compete on your Family Freud TV show that comes on at 6:00 here in Maryland.

    Thank you very much for all of your help and encouragement.

  • Barbara says:

    I have identified my gift.

  • Luajuana Brasfield says:

    I agree that your passion is not your gift, and that you must find that gift which God has given you in order to feel complete and on your mission in life!
    Thank The Lord, I finally have truly found my gift! As a high school teacher for over 25 years, I was a good teacher and I put myself into my work and loved teaching. However, after I retired from teaching and began working with students and teachers in the poverty-stricken areas of Alabama – The Black Belt- I discovered that my gift is mending hope in the students and children who have lost hope…to mend hope in them and help them realize their dreams. I have found my gift and have actually just written a book about mending hope called Hope Menders: A Journey to the Heart of Education. It is the story of education which is rarely told, but needs to be heard! It is the real story of education that touches the heart. It is the story of students, teachers, love, and hope. It tells the stories of the children who have lost hope and of the Hope Menders who help mend hope in the children. God has given me a great and special gift of truly “seeing” and loving others across all barriers- racial, social, economic, all! I felt compelled to share my gift! I feel very blessed to have found my gift, and it was in the hearts of people I never knew I needed and who didn’t know they needed me! Thankful and blessed and loving it!
    Thank you for affirming, encouraging, and helping me to be courageous enough to write my book share my gift, and help inspire and mend hope in hurting people. Found my gift then wrote my story at age 64! I believe Hope Menders will help many people . It’s in my board.
    It’s also on my board to meet you and share my mission of Hope Menders!
    See you soon, Steve. Maybe for my 65th birthday in January!
    Thank you and continued blessings!

    • Lorraine Evans says:

      My name is Lorraine Evans and I just read the comment in reference to “Hope Menders” and I would like more information.

      Thank you.

  • Mary Manuel-Fortes says:

    I love this.. This is what I call nuggets of gold… Words of wisdom from Mr Harvey. What a blessing. My gratitude..

    • Melinda Elizabeth Larkins says:

      I really have a lot of respect for Mr.Steve Harvey because he know all the things that a man should know from God above.He states the facts and honesty.I love to watch him every day and records Steve Harvey.I need to be on Steve show to tell me about the bad luck since the day I born.to a 14 year relation where the man procrastinates a lot. I am ready be marry n stop going against God rules.I want the long island media tell me if my twin brother is dead or alive through my Daddy,grandparents,children,aunts,uncles.My gift is to help homeless,poor,starving people but just no help.Wedding decorations

  • Ellie says:

    Very powerful words, yet so simple a child could understand. Well said Steve, and more power too you!

  • Renee Brooks says:

    The thing I can do with the least amount of effort : I am very creative : My gift is having the ability to make beautiful jewelry by hand. I want to make bracelets, earrings, anklets, and necklaces. I have a small amount of beads already I just don’t have enough money to purchase all the tools I need just to start small. So I’m a little frustrated , but I’m not going to give up. I’m currently searching for work from home jobs so I can get everything I need.

  • chatara says:

    i love these motivational videos on tools for success and discovering your gift vs your passion. thank you steve harvey for your words of encouragement and knowledge

    • Vivian says:

      I attended this year’s conference and am very happy that I invested in myself. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that I can actually use from all of the presenters. I agree with Steve that you have to begin whatever journey you are traveling by identifying your gift(s). I have watched several of my friends wander around for years because they did not take the time to pray and ask God to identify their true gift. After I graduated from college, I wanted to pursue a management career. However, I had to begin as an administrative assistant to gain employment. Once I got into this field, I discovered that I was an excellent assistant because my gift is motivating others to achieve higher heights. Realizing this, I used my gifts to assist me in reaching the C Suite. Now, I am working in a profession that I love and look forward to going to work every day. I climbed this ladder of success and am now employed as an executive assistant to a CEO of a major corporation. Because I identified and invested in my gift I am now in a leadership role, make lots of money and make management decisions every day.

  • Debora says:

    Hi Steve
    Thank you so much!!! I’ve been confused about my gift because I’ve been talented in several areas.. I realize my gift is writing and it is the one thing i do most often. I am on the right path now!! Thanks again Steve You are a God send.

  • Chana R. (The Traveling Pedicurist) says:

    Steve….WOW! You just cleared it up!! You hear people all the time speaking on passion, but like you said, “passions don’t pay the bills”. A gift is something that you give to someone and that right there is the answer.

    I have done a few things, but since entering the beauty industry as a Nail Tech and Esthetician, my “gift” has allowed me to meet some really unique people and travel to various places that I normally would not have had the opportunity to go. I am focusing on providing services to those who need like the disabled, elderly and physically challenged. It is my goal one day to have a foot clinic that caters to this population.

    I try to utilize all my gifts with the current resources that I have and hopefully that will expand to.

  • Jaquel Johnson says:

    Thank you for taking the time and developing these sessions. Often, I wandered why people would say find your passion. I thought if I would find my passion whatever it was I was doing would be easy, but it was not.
    After listening to the difference between the two, I realized that my gifts were the things that are helping me become successful.

  • Jennifer Leblanc says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, I have been struggling to find my purpose. May God continue to bless you.??

  • Hadassadajah C. Akusani says:

    Steve, I have been on this earth for 66 years now speaking of and sharing my “passion” with folks, yet it took this video to open my eyes and recognize the difference between my “passion” and my “gift”. You are so right, my “passion” has gotten me nowhere except in a pool of grief over the fact that I have not been able to achieve it or see that “passion” come to light. My passion is to open and operate a Spiritual Retreat, and to assist humanity in healing on the utmost spiritual level; yet, I have not recognized the fact that it is my “Gift” that will actually lead me to my passion. Yes, God has given me a gift, but I have been focusing so much on my passion and not having the funds and backing to bring it to light, that I have entirely overlooked my “gift”. And I like the way you cleared it up by stating that ‘your gift is that which you do your absolute best with the least amount of effort’. It is my creative ability as an artist and working on projects to help children make the best choices in life. Now, as a result of this video, I see that I have not been exercising my “gift” to the extent I should have been. I have used my gift to bring this project to light in the form of a board game, but have not taken it as far as I could because I’ve been focusing so much on my PASSION, and not the actual gift. I’m going to take these “tools” you have just given me and run with them, and watch my gift explode–into my passion! Thanks!!!!!

  • Curtis Filer says:

    I have yet to find my gift. I am just lost right now.

    • sandra says:

      Hello Curtis,

      Everyone has a gift or gifts and everybody learns what they are at different stages of their life. Be patient in thinking about what Steve said on how to determine your gift. Believe your gift will come because your thought process can impact it. Good luck and think positive. Smile



    Mr. Steve Harvey, the things that I do the best and it requires nothing of me is my ability to help people. Whether it be to encourage them in doing what they love, helping them to accept who they are as a person, and if they want to change whatever it is about them I encourage them. I would say I help them to be the best they could be, while being completely, and totally honest with them. Now how do I make money from that, I currently recently started blogging where I share my thoughts and experiences on specific topics. I now just started a cleaning business because I enjoy doing house work, however, I have never done it professionally, so I am currently training myself via Youtube from professionals cleaners who have shared training on their channel. that is during my days off, because I have a full time job. It might sound like a lot at one time but I figure that if I open doors and only the doors that I enjoy doing one of them would lead to my financial freedom. However, the one door I need your help in is the one where my gift is concern, I truly have no idea where to start or how to start.

  • Dawn says:

    Steve, keep on doing what you do!!! I have been a supporter of yours from the beginning. I am so glad that you got it, in every area of your life!! I had the pleasure of speaking with you on a live Act Like a Success call last year when my question was selected on your call. The confirmation for me, that I was headed in the right direction was when you quoted Habakuk, “Write the vision on tablets”. I had been meditating all week on that scripture, prior to getting on the call. I was out of work and decided instead of waiting on an unemployment check to stepped out on faith, so a few weeks later after that call with you in March 2015, I launched a tshirt business called I’m So Philly. Thank you for your encouragement, I am so happy to see what God is doing in your life. I needed encouragement duri g that time and I believed God used you when he allowed my question to be selected and I was on live with you. God knows how I feel about you and just who to use. Don’t stop, your like the lighthouse, giving hope to a lost ship stuck at sea, without naviation or a compass!! Love you like your my own Uncle etc. God bless you Steve. From, Diggity Dawn out of Philly!!

  • Dawn says:

    Steve, keep on doing what you do!!! I have been a supporter of yours from the beginning. I am so glad that you got it, in every area of your life!! I had the pleasure of speaking with you on a live Act Like a Success call last year when my question was selected on your call. The confirmation for me, that I was headed in the right direction was when you came on the line and quoted Habakuk, “Write the vision on tablets”. I had been meditating all week on that scripture, prior to getting on the call but did nit know why! I was out of work and decided instead of waiting on an unemployment check, to step out on faith, so a few weeks later after that call with you in March 2015, I launched a tshirt business called I’m So Philly. Thank you for your encouragement, I am so happy to see what God is doing in your life. I needed encouragement during that time and I believed that God used you, when he allowed my question to be selected when I was on live with you. God knows how I feel about you and just who to use to get my attention. Don’t stop, your like the lighthouse, giving hope to a lost ship stuck at sea, without naviation or a compass!! Love you like your my own Uncle etc. God bless you Steve. From, Diggity Dawn out of Philly!!

  • Doris Vinson says:

    Hello Steve, I am 68 years old and about a year ago I discovered my gift. God laid it on my heart to pray for people, that is my purpose in life is to pray for others. God gave everyone a purpose in life but if you don’t pray and ask God to show you, then you will never know. I just started praying and asking God to direct my path and place me where He want me to be. I asked God to enlarge my territory and let me be a mentor to other women of domestic violence. See Steve, I was married for 27 years to a man that was very abusive to me, both verbally and physical and when I finally left him, I was very negative and had low self esteem. It took my praying every day to start thinking positive of myself. as each day go by, I don’t meet no stranger, God showed me a better me and I truly love people and myself most of all. I can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens me, also John 16:24, I have learned to ask God to bless me more abundantly and my Joy will be complete, because if you ask not then you receive not. I always thank God for everything and thank you Steve Harvey.

  • Annette Butler says:

    Dear Steve,

    I truly know my gift. I love helping others, especially our youth. At this time I have physical limitations that prevent me from working much. I know what I want to do and I am working to accomplish the goals I have before me. I am very determined and I don’t take ‘No’ for an answer. I know our youth are the future and I know I have the power to listen and help connect with them. I know health comes first and I’m working on that. I’m not sure about my physical limitations and I’m hoping to get back in shape, so I can continue to work on my dream and gift. Thank you for you words of encouragement.

  • Jacqueline Chesser says:

    I have lived out of my passion all of my life. I thought my gift was cooking. Thank you for teaching me the difference between my gift and my passion. I have learned my gift is helping and motivating others. My ability to cook is the vehicle that has allowed me to help others.

  • sandra says:

    I agree Steve,

    I was blessed with many gifts I have a photograph memory, ability to train others while being patient, motivate others, and a good speaker on differect professional topics. Thanks for the refresher and keep up the good work. Smile

  • Yolanda Oliver says:

    I was truly blessed by this video. Never looked at a passion like that before. It is definitely not the same as a gift. Thank you and continue to encourage others to pursue their gifts and talents. You gave some great pointers and I hope every one take this information and run with it. Again, thank for sharing.

    • Yasmine Brown says:

      Hi Steve,
      I had a hard time distinguishing between my passion and gift for years. I am 37 year young and I finally realize that I am gifted to motivate, inspire and encourage others. It comes natural and I really enjoy making a difference in other people life. Steve thank you for being real and taking time out to enlighten and help point me in the right direction.

    • Elise Wilson says:

      What an eye opening blessing {truly}. Now all my efforts that have not benefited me, makes a lot of sense now. That one nugget of understanding that there is a difference between the two, will now take me places that I have always wanted to go.

      I always talked with God and wanted to know what that verse truly meant, because no matter how hard I tried, and all the resources afforded me, it just never came together for my benefit.

      I’ve lost financial but I am still willing to give it another try. I had given up all hope on myself and the business I so strongly desired to have, until I took the time to listen for just a few minutes. Thanks to my big Sis and Mom who watch your show every day faithfully who always believed in me.

      It has been a long 20 years working towards my accomplish. I]m now 61, but hope has now been birthed again.

      Thank you, Mr. Steve Harvey

  • Loren McCarty says:

    First I want to thank my heavenly farther for being alive today, for with out him in my life I am nothing. I found Steve in a check out line at wallmart. He was on the cover of a magazine talking how he lived in a car for 4 years. It hit me hard. I was a police officer and messed up my life and spent 2 years in prison, god was not done with me and tested my faith again when I cam home I had nothing but a job delivering doughnuts. No body would hire me because I was a felon. Then the job closed its doors I had gone to a dog shelter and bought a dog for companionship, so for the next almost four years we live in a single cab 1979 ford truck the dog is a great white pyrnese yellow lab not much room. I survived that trial in my life I still have the truck and dog. Today I am a manager at a local restaurant and I give motivation talks and a work force services helping people find jobs. I also work with felons getting ready to come back into society. I wrote a western book while in prison that book became a 7 book family triology I hope to get them published. Never give up on your dream and never give up on yourself. You are one step away from success. God bless and gook luck

    • Michelle Davis says:

      This was very touching and relatable. I’ve been in prison myself and it’s very hard to get a job because I have a criminal record, yet my charges aren’t felonies it’s just the fact that I have been convicted. I’ve drowned in self pity for a long time but then I realized this is all apart of my journey, GOD want me to be my own boss, utilizing my gift. This year I published my first self told novel titled ” Pain from the Storm.” It talks about my life and the obstacles I overcame with GOD on my side. Today I speak out in schools and community centers locally encouraging, inspiring and motivating the youth and young adults here in Baltimore. I pray that you are able to get your books published and become a success story. Thank you for sharing!!

  • Claudette says:

    I thank God for sending you into our lives Mr. Steve Harvey as you will never know how you have changed many people’s lives with the simplest things. You gave clarity with a 3.24 minute video about gift vs passion.
    My gift is to encourage and my passion is to organize so my goal is to incorporate both into my current business.
    Thank you

    • Maria Heard says:

      Hi Claudette,
      I’m the opposite. My gift is organizer and my passion is to exhort others to do their best and reach their destiny. I love turning the negative into the positive. Thanks for sharing.

  • Adhanom says:

    Yes. that is right Mr Harvey, I remember one day I wrote a letter to my friend to greet him with my mother tongue language. then he was very fascinated by that letter and then after a few months we met with my friend, he expressed his appreciation and admired me so much. Even that letter was kept until we met each other in his pocket. However it was not so much for me when I read it. but for him was very impressing.
    Therefore he suggested me if I could be a writer.but however there was no an opportunity to that kind of life. So even a people can tell you when they recognized about your gift.
    Thank you so much Mr Harvey
    I am very grateful to know.

  • Betty Hall says:

    Mr. Harvey your inspirational speaking keeps me motivated, and for that I thank You.


    • Sarah Thomas says:

      Now I understand why I get such Joy and helping other people and I’m very good at sewing what other people have a problem it’s like ideals just floats. I understand the art of sewing without training thanks mr. Harvey for sharing; for your knowledge and your wisdom thank you so much.

  • Gwenolyn says:

    I wished I could have attended the Act Like A Success Conference, your snippets are so encouraging. This particular one, hit home for me because I am always confusing my passion with being my gift. Is it possible that I can be passionate and gifted in the same thing? I am passionate about helping others feel, look, and do good by themselves and for themselves. I think my gift is helping and encouraging but I am often hurt by others from my endeavors. I am a giver and I love seeing the faces of people being happy. I love making people happy, mostly less fortunate individuals. I do not have a particular talent as far as singing, dancing, speaking etc. but every since I was a little girl my vision is being in the midst of a crowd and I am speaking. I love putting a smile on other people faces. I also love hosting women events that encourage women and I love making women feel beautiful from inside out.

  • Gwendolyn Burns says:

    Thanks for clarification of gift vs. passion. I am sure my gift is encouraging/helping others, particularly women in dire situations BUT it is difficult to make a living financially. I have a passion for beautifying inside out and need to figure out how to make them work together. I am founder and director of women’s nonprofit outreach over 12 years but financial and manpower has caused the organization hardship. I am not a great speaker but my passion for helping encourages those under my voice to spring into action and gives them hope, which is what makes me happiest. When I see how hope in others energize and cause change in their mentality it gives me joy unspeakable joy…I absolutely love putting smiles on people faces.

  • Linda Brown says:

    I never thought about putting the title GIFT on what I thought was just my inventive mind. Over the years I have thought about many innovative ideas. A few I have defined, and brought to life. I do this effortlessly, and it is fun to me. After years of hard work, I accomplish receiving a patent on my first invention which is a “Hair Shampooing Chair” for in-home care. I was not successful with getting it to the market, however, I did learn a lot.

    Recently, I have discovered that my inventive mind is my GIFT, and in my opinion, not being successful with my first invention is frankly because I did not have FAITH in ME! Therefore, with this invention, I’m gone a give it all I got.

    My present invention is the “Water Aerobic Cover for the Hair”, I am going to need help with getting my invention on the market in its patent pending stage. My invention is needed now and and the reason is, it is going to solve a problem that has exist for many females, especially African American females, for many years, and that is getting their hair wet and losing the hairstyle that they have invested so much into when doing water aerobics or any water sport or activity.

  • Cynthia Crooms says:

    I like process improvement, mapping processes, and training and development. It is what I’d like to develop into a business. Working on it, and then employ others to do the same in their own business.