[VIDEO] What a Difference a Year Makes

During the Act Like A Success Conference, we heard from several people who had made significant progress in their business and personal life after attending the previous conference.

Check out their stories and then take a look at how your business, career, finances and personal goals can be reached in the Steve Harvey Success Institute School of Business Acceleration and the School of Personal Transformation.

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Zakiya Mills-Francois

Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, the classes in the School of Business Acceleration can teach you how to take it to the next level. Zakiya shares how her revenue grew as a result of being in the program.

Linda Murray Bullard

Sometimes you’ve taken yourself as far as you can go. That’s what Linda said inspired her to join the School of Business Acceleration. And look at what she’s been able to accomplish! Love her energy, enthusiasm and her commitment to making a difference and helping others.

Maria Stanfield

It matters who you hang around – and the community you become a part of in the Institute is absolutely amazing. These are power players ready to make it happen. Maria talks about the powerful 2 day live retreat we have during the program and the “a-ha” moment she received.

Le Marious Sword

You want more. You want to discover or use your gift, manage fears, overcome challenges and live out your dreams. And you feel stuck. That’s where the inner work comes in.

Personal development is the process of deepening the learning about who you are and positioning yourself for more. Le Marious shares why he chose the School of Personal Transformation and how it’s made a difference in his life.

Raquel Morgan Tillman

Do you need to find your voice? Speak up? Learn to put yourself first so you can be your best for others? Set boundaries with others that show respect for you, your time and your gift?

That’s what Raquel Morgan Tillman got – and more – when she joined the School of Personal Transformation.

Brittany Nicole Posey

Understanding the difference between goals, intentions, purpose and gift. That’s what drove Brittany to become part of the School of Personal Transformation. She shares how her professional life shifted as a result of what she learned.

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  • Annie Stoudemire says:

    Yes, Mr. Harvey, I have listened to all of these success stories and have done most of it. My problem is funds. I have great ideas but without fund to further it along, all the pep talks, success stories are useless if I can’t put it in motion. I’ve tried Dr. Phil, Ellen Degenerate, Tyler Perry and now you. All I ever got back is how-to. I have the “how-to” so to speak but without funds I’m still stuck in the same place. When I looked for Sponsors through the Internet, all that comes up are Invention Companies telling me what they can do to get me started for $10-15,000. If I had that I probably could get my ideas in motion and in the market. I know I have great ideas but just need some help with funds. I’m not asking for a hand-out, just a helping hand. I’m willing to give a percentage of what is made from my ideas. I’m not looking for something free, just a little help to get me started!

    • Sharon Guy says:

      Annie, I am no big success. Many start very small in their garages. One of the best things I learned at the conference was to remember the ANT. Inch by Inch. And never give up Keep going. I am!!! Sharon