[VIDEO] Traits of the Greats

The Act Like A Success Experience is coming to Dallas on July 22nd and LA on July 29 and we’re thrilled to have Tim Storey as our special guest.

Tim spoke at this year’s Act Like A Success Conference and will be at the Experience sharing how to overcome obstacles and design your dream life. Check out this clip from the conference where he shares traits and characteristics of the successful.


What dreams and goals are  you currently working on? Share in the comments section.

At the Act Like A Success Experience, you will be a part of a no-holds-barred coaching experience from two leaders who know what’s it’s like to move from being stuck in park to gaining massive momentum and creating your dream life.

You will leave equipped with powerful concepts, strategies, tools and a personalized action plan to achieve that next level of success in your career, business, finances and personal growth.

Click here to learn more about attending the Act Like A Success Experience.

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  • Mia says:

    Hello Steve Harvey,

    I am a 35 year old single mother of two who lives with my mom and works full time. I work and make decent money but because of bad financial decisions, I cannot afford to move out and have a place of my own. I am a dedicated mother and love my children dearly. I want to leave a legacy but don’t know how to act on that. This stress has also led to me being overweight. I’ve contemplated getting a 2nd job to get out of debt but do not want to sacrifice my time with my kids. Any encouragement u could give would be great.

    • Les Wilson says:

      If I were this young lady, I would find a project that she could do with her kids that could become financially beneficial to her & the family. Example: Paula Deen started her business with her son’s making and selling sandwiches to the lunch crowd and grew into a multi-million dollar business. Great idea but just remember that to be careful of what you say & who you demean on the way up because you’ll certainly see them on the way down. A second job could destroy your family. Money is the necessary to live, but love is the necessity of life. God provides those who follow his will. Go to Church every Sunday and give thanks everyday before you know it, you’ll be out of debt & in the black.

    • CariberAangel says:

      Dear Mia,
      I understand that “you have made some bad decisions” that’s the past, but that bad decisions “the past” is stopping you from living “the present “which and hindering your future.
      Now you are rehashing that mistake every day , beating yourself up, doubting your every day decisions and not taking care of yourseldf and your kids to the fullest;
      You said that you want to leave a legacy: one of the definition of the word legacy is: ”
      anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of Ancient Rome’
      You already have a legacy: your children.
      The fact that you are living with your Mom is not the issue , the fact that you feel that your are a failure because you are living with your Mom is the issue. See it as
      a blessing, some parents do not help their children, and plus she gets to spend more time with her grandchildren. .
      If I understood you: you are asking yourself : how can I to make a better life for me and my children.
      First you need to work on you and realize that you made a mistake, you need to learn from that mistake to make sure you never make that same mistake. That mistake thought you some things about you that you didn’t know before. See that mistake as a learning experience and move on. Forgive yourself, don’t forget the lesson learn.
      Then you need to have a plan::
      Determine what’s your debt, and how to get out of it, ( talk to a credit card counselor) how long will that take.
      Set a realistic date that you plan to get your own place,
      Sit with your mom, tell her about your plan, and finally put your plans into action.
      If it took 5 years to create the debt it might take you that long to get out of it. But wake up every day with that passion, that you want to make life better for you and for them.
      Keep your eyes on the prize and relentlessly work on it every Day. .

      Ps. Steve, I would love, live to be in your. Show.

  • Ms.Brown says:

    I am a single mother with three children. I made a decision in my life whatever it take for me to Live and provide for my children, I shall do. I ask God to open doors that I did not see and close the doors that where not meant for good. I fault the fight of cancer, I fault the fight of no job, I fault the fight of living with my parents, I fault the fight of haters beating me down. I say, all of this to say, “Be determined if not for yourself, for your children.” I am alive and all three of my children have graduated from college with Awesome jobs. My salary was 0.00$ to 20,000$ but we made it, yes I went without but my children graduated at the top of there class in school and in college. I lstayed on my knees for my children praying for them and crying for them endlessly. (Read – Psalms 21) believe it. God will see you through. I promise you, but most of all know God keeps his promises to us.
    *I have been through the fire, but I am Pearl of beauty as radiant as the Sun and as mighty as the Ocean* I stand and I just believe in my heart and being in my Spirit -“You will be a Woman of Great Character and your children will praise your wisdom “…..Love Your Sister in Christ!

  • Brenda Lee Gertman says:

    Mr. Les Wilson Thank you!!
    To Mia: “Your LEGACY is every L.I.F.E that you’ve touched…..” https://youtu.be/3EYK0C8-A68
    God bless you sister Mia, and brother Wilson
    Agape’s peace and love to you both always <3

  • Joyce Gordon-Simmons says:

    I’m taking a step of faith and releasing a gospel song on ITunes. The first one will be released by the end of July. I have many more songs the world has not heard so, hear we go’!
    Thank you for doing what you do Mr. Harvey and your team.

    • Laura mcclam says:

      Hi Steve,
      I am a music instructor for children with special needs. I Write songs that help children with social skills and anything you can think of that will help them get thru the day. I expanded my songs into a program that would benefit preschool and special education. At this time I have three CDs. I go to different schools to perform but funding is low and travel can sometimes become difficult. I decided the most lucrative thing for me to do is sell my CDs and try to create a music video. I have a great voice and the kids love me. I enjoyed your book and it motivated me, I go back and forth sometimes , life gets in the way, but l am coming for it again!

  • Stephanie peoples says:

    The more I try go 5 feet I get push back 10 feet ya I get tired or this been strung for 9 years now start Itt_tech had 9 month too graduate in close down on use I need some keep me going that why drifting &design Steve if you can help I been text you about my life devil keep me down when people put curse on you can never get head don’t care hi hard you try that why I want private talk too (help)