[Video] The Effort Required for Success

What’s really required to reach your next level of success? The truth is, most people underestimate the amount of effort, work, time and resources needed to actually see their vision become a reality.

Here’s a clip taken from one of my sessions at my Act Like A Success Conference. I share some of my thoughts on sleep vs. rest and what you must be willing to do if you have big goals you want to make happen.

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  • deidre free says:

    I totally agree with you, that he who loves to sleep with the folding of hands, prepare for poverty. To be successful takes hard work and dedication towards your dream/vision.
    Thanks for shining the light, and encouraging people to believe in themselves.
    God bless

  • Cynthia Green says:

    Awesome, this is a mind changing message and very helpful. Thank you.

  • Derrein Freeman says:

    Thank you Unc God Bless.

  • Pamela says:

    I love it when he says.. it is a Massive all out assault! Yes. I can totally relate.

    • Mela'n Greathouse says:

      I so agree Pamela. It has taken me a looooong time to understand that O am my own worst enemy. As Steve says so well, if you don’t jump, youll never attain your dreams. “The dream is free, but the HUSTLE is sold separately “! So Very True!!!!

  • RL Lee says:

    Thank you for sending this video. May it so a seed that I will cultivate and may that seed bear much fruit.

  • RL Lee says:

    Thank you for sending this video. May it sow a seed that I will cultivate and may that seed bear much fruit.

  • Sherry M. says:

    Steve Harvey has propelled me to get to the next level in my life. I’m hearing things I never knew that was holding me back. I been hitting these New York City streets for 3 weeks and I’m on the right path to success.

  • Kinasia Goggins says:

    Thank you for sending me this video, this was very helpful and needed at the riggt time! I Got work to do!!!

  • RONALD BRAGG says:

    The Word of God states that “He becometh poor that dealeth with a slack hand: but the hand of the diligent maketh rich.” God wants us to know that we must constantly pursue our dreams and aspirations to reach the pinnacle of success that we are all called to!

  • D Thompson says:

    Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge to help those willing to listen, understand and apply this wisdom. I have been following your story for over 10 years and I wake up at 4:30 a.m every morning no matter what day it is M-S. I have no time to take time for granted. Keep up the good work!

  • Tatia says:

    Team No Sleep! Let’s get it!

  • Ericka Brown says:

    Thank you for sharing. This was right on time as I find myself stuck in an unfamiliar place. I needed this encouragement. I respect and love your brand. Keep pushing us toward greatness.
    May God continue to bless you Uncle Steve.

  • Benjamin Graham says:

    Great video. Confirmation that I am on the right track!

  • Henry Mason says:

    I can never have nothing but good in understanding what you are saying,which you are as the Abraham of this day…So there is an anointing on your words and the things you do!! I have found out that I have something going on when I was in school but didn’t recognize until much later..not just taking notes,but feeling tired and fatigued when sitting long in a session that doesn’t hold my attention span to long. But I can work on many things that I love to do for hours all alone with just me and the father, so I understand sleep is not that of the essence for me as well and will begin to start multiplying by more. I need for you if you have the chance to elaborate more on not putting trust in people when we need them in all that we do.

  • Alanna says:

    Thank you!

  • Cassandra Hill says:

    You are so true Mr Harvey!! Learning how to rest starting now! I’m on a mission to do greater! Thank you for sharing these powerful words of wisdom and encouragement!. May God continue to use you to empower inspire and motivate!
    Cassandra Hill

  • Miyoshi Gordon-Matthews says:

    Thank you Mr. Harvey. Your message I totally relate too. To be a success is hardwork and a lot of effort. When you have a passion about your dream and vision; there is not a lot a sleep; however, I do rest to re-energize. My vision came to me in the middle of the night. Prayerfully, I moved forward and launched my own nonprofit organization which assist many families and patients. The reason is I am a survivor of both diseases. It is a lot of hardwork; though it is so rewarding to help others because our higher power spared my life for a Divine Purpose. To be successful; keep your mind on your vision and goals.I will take these nuggets from this session and will apply daily in my life as I continue on this journey of assisting others. I really enjoyed this session Mr. Harvey. So very proud of you for sharing your wisdom. You are abundantly blessed in helping others. Thank you Mr. Harvey.

  • Lauretta Johnson says:

    I’m resting from now on instead of sleeping because I am no where near where I’m going.

  • Mary Ann Figures says:

    Thank you . You alway give me what I need to hear when I need to hear it .

  • Melissa says:

    I appreciate the video and the message in the video . I don’t think many people get enough sleep in these times, I know I don’t. Although I’m a big advocate of getting the proper rest, I tend to agree with the message in the video. I know I need to put forth much more effort toward accomplhing my goals. So, thank you for the reminder.

  • Laquasha Pough says:

    There are many tools to utilize when one is determined to elevate their success status, but with the information you express “one does not have to look far”…..you present the tools in one brief session. You Rock “Steve”! Thank you!

  • Brandon Thomas says:

    I wish you could see it and I hope that u you will in Vegas my name is Brandon Thomas I’m from Delhi LA. I invented a kit for elderly & disable that will allow them to enjoy their wheelchair such as the hoveround with the air conditioning & heat I really want you to see this at the Neighborhood Awards in Las Vegas.I was also on the News here showing my invention KNOE TV8 I also have this patent pending.Thanks hope to see you!

  • Cheryl A. Holmes says:

    This was very on point. Thank you for sharing the video. I appreciate the encouragement, and understanding of what it takes. I still go back and read my notes from the webinars. This is so helpful in training me to achieve.my vision
    Thank you 100 times over Mr. Harvey for reaching back and allowing me to grab your hand. I i will do the same.

  • Veronica says:

    Thank You Steve, I needed this word today.

  • Susan Kee says:

    Good stuff

  • Julia says:

    Good Day,

    Thank You so much for your willingness to “Pay It Forward.”


  • Yvette Urquhart says:

    Appreciate you sharing your wisdom and expertise! Always enjoy those helpful nuggets that you drop. You are such a blessing!

  • Judy says:

    Love your commitment motivating others to make our dreams our reality!

  • Shamica Ware says:

    I am a firm believer that, Don’t nothing come to a sleeper but a dream! Thanks Mr.Harvey

  • Tashika Hussey says:

    Steve Harvey…thank you for posting this video! Your comment really resonated with me “Success requires a MASSIVE ALL OUT ASSAULT on your Visions and Dreams…Sun Up to Sun Down!! We are have launched our business and there is constantly work to do everyday. I actually get frustrated when I know I have to get some rest as there is so much to do. We need to devote all the time we can to the vision and dreams God gave us for our business! Thank you for such a powerful, motivating message!

  • Judith Brown says:

    Mr. Harvey,
    Thank you for using your gift so freely and lovingly! I love the way you continuously give back and I pray that when I’m a financial success, I will be just as free and giving.
    Again, Thank you sir! God bless you and continue to. Amen!

  • Sophia Ragston says:

    Mr. Harvey;
    Liberating….. Your words pushed the re-set buttom for me. Thanks for awakening me. I have been sleep too long. I’m up for the challenge. Revelation: Rest=Re-Set

  • Najeamia West says:

    Uncle Steve,
    I’m your niece Najee. My son was choosen to be in your 2016 camp. I was a green team mom. You spoke here on if you are sleep you wont make it to your destiny. All u need is rest, Thank you. For so long I’ve been hearing people speak and listening to you I found what I was looking for. You spoke to us mothers with powerful messages as you display here. I’m eager to always learn more and this video spoke to me in such a brief time. I agree, If u sleep 8 hours out of the day there is no way u will succeed. But be honest I know it’s a day or at least a couple u plan with Auntie Marjorie and You get to sleep… LOL you are successful… I can’t wait to see what that sleep feels like when your success has reach a comfortable point. Thank you for powerful words of wisdom and honesty… Looking forward to more.

  • Sharise Johnson-Moore says:

    Thank you Steve for this motivational piece. You keep teaching me daily about the things that can keep us from being successful. Every time I watch you I learn something new. I now realize why I get up at 5am or sometimes earlier because God wants me working on writing and completing my book. Now I’m in the race of successfully completing my book almost at the finish line. God keeps speaking to me about finishing what I started, so that’s what I’m doing. I am forsaking all the distractions (tv, radio, cell phone, etc) I have it all together. Now all I have to do is get all of the business aspects of it taking care of and I will be launching my new business. I love you never stop doing what your doing because there are some of us that are listening real good to you. Keeping showing us what it’s really about. Love You and you have a blessed day.

  • Jennifer LeBlanc says:

    Thanks for the boosting power.❤️

    • Evelyn Roberts says:

      Hello Jennifer, you can say that again! As the song goes…”Sometimes you have to encourage yourself..”. This is so very true. However, it is so wonderfully inspiring when a successful person such as Steve Harvey speaks victory to the masses. Thanks to Steve for this dose of inspiration! I am a writer with 2 unpublished books to show for my efforts. I can only assume that my manuscript has been turned down by the best in the business because recently a publisher replied to my book query: “Thank you and good luck with your writing. However, we only accept manuscripts with with certain qualities.” How discouraging! Anyway, I know that nothing worth accomplishing comes easy. I am a “writer” with something valuable to share, and I know that I must keep on fighting to reach my goal. I am glad that Steve is here to provide motivation to all of us who need that extra push when we are faced with negativity. May you have a blessed day!

      • CeeJai says:

        Hi Jennifer,

        Please remember Chicken Soup for the Soul was turned down 144 times before someone was smart enough to say yes… so keep going for it OR self-publish it is much easier than it used to be.

        I am grateful for Steve’s desire to show us the way to move-on-up!


    thank you STEVE for the motivational words. which to hear of this…….. GOD BLESS…

  • San Luisa Barnes-Mosaid says:

    Steve, I believe we each have gifts. Our gift is whatever we like to do that people will pay us to do. IF WE DISCOVER OUR GIFT, AND CULTIVATE THE SKILLS NEEDED TO PERFECT THAT GIFT, WE CAN MAKE MONEY WITH THAT GIFT AND WE WILL ENJOY THE WORK. San Luisa Barnes-Mosaid

    • Toni Hopkins-Brown says:

      Steve I agree with you. I slept two and a half hours a day for three years, while attaining my degree. I was working full time and going to school full time and dealing four teenagers and a baby boy. I looked up to Heaven and asked God to give me both sleep and rest. And my God did it. As I listened to you, God allowed you to remind me of that fact. I’m excited about “the Jump Challenge.” I’ve been sitting on my gift far too long. I don’t know whether I’m afraid to get out my comfort zone or because I’m face book, tweeter or just computer challenged. I just got back on your site because I deleted ever thing you said to save. I know by now you know I’m not a spring chicken. I made 62, 10-14-16.

    • Freda Williams says:

      Steve, I’m so grateful for the information and the wisdom, that will help me on my journey to success.

  • leroy tyler says:

    This man is great. I love his messages and they’re always motivating. I’m staying up late lol no mo sleep!

  • leroy tyler says:

    going on a sleep strike

  • Valnecia Harris says:

    I agree with all of the concepts of the video. I’m ready to stop sleeping and giving up when times get hard. I’m ready to rest for my goal.

  • Tshwanda Smith says:

    Thanks Steve, i really needed to see this video.Your words are so powerful, you just had to see the picture.

  • Gwenolyn says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am not sure where to start with this comment BUT I am very sure that GOD is using you to help so many people in your own special way. I am a dreamer and on 11/2/16 your segment on JUMP help me to realize that I should not give up on my dreams. I have tried to put action behind my dreams to succeed in bringing it to fruition but can’t seem to stay on my feet. I have fail many times BUT I always find myself back up on my feet trying again. I am so encourage by your show and your progress as an entrepreneur more so because you are driven to help others by sharing what it takes and how it can be done. I don’t get to catch your show regularly although I have DVR every show for the past 2 years. You are so funny, I normally use them for medicine to my soul when I drift into depression. I am inspired to build my business even more after seeing your show with Magic and the Shark man on today. Just wanted to say God continue to bless you and thank you for being YOU.

  • Nonku Jijita says:

    Just watched this video. Powerful words from Mr Harvey. I’ve just learnt that there is a big difference between sleep and rest.

  • Ana Monteroso says:

    Hi Steve,
    I have heard this multiple times but I have been so ignorant to this message because I love sleeping as I find myself facing a downfall at the moment and I have to say after listening to this video, I just connected the dots and I believe this is true, it’s such a powerful message. Success = Hard Work & effort dedicated, Sleep is for the Average minded not the big minded individuals. Thank you for your inspirational and encouraging messages, you have a wonderful gift. God bless you and your family.

  • Bobby Lockhart says:

    Steve Harvey, we have come together at good time in life. Can relate to your high school and college days – memorizing for test and such. This way to learn in addition to the experience you share already man we are open to learning this unconventional way even the very unique methods you have offered so far. Steve, you inspire man!

  • Pleasant Smith says:

    Hi Steve I am a real fan of yours, always tune in to whatever programs you got .
    Your words of encouragement and the easy way you put it forward so we can all understand and relate to your teaching.Keep up the great work because you are making positive changes to a lot of lives.
    I just purchase three of your books and looking forward to read them

  • Simone mustafa says:

    yes Steve you are so right

  • Carla WESTCARR says:

    Steve Thanks for sharing what it really takes to be successful. I always have been told by my mother that anything worth having you much continually work hard for it. After those videos what I am hearing you say is that success is something you eat, sleep and live 24/7 where as a feeling of joy can come with it, having and keeping a positive attitude and ” FAITH” leading you. I kike how you stressed the seriousness of this jump and becoming successful!! Thanks Steve

  • Francene says:

    Hi Steve. Here’s how I handle the sleep thing. We all have heard the word “BREAKTHROUGH”. But many people really do not understand what that word really means. It means having the drive, the zeal, the tenacity, to push until you see the manifestation of your dream come into fruition. A beautiful rainbow and sunshine ALWAYS comes at the end of a storm. BREAKING THROUGH doubters, naysayers, and no’s mean that when everyone else is sleeping and watching TV, you are tenaciously doing research, making phone calls, and pressing through until your dream becomes a reality. Sleep, huh!!!

  • Cynthia Crooms says:

    WOW! I like to sleep, and look very youthful for doing so. But never thought about how much sleep will take away from reaching your life goals. Thanks for the heads up. I will have to adjust, and find ways to rest, instead. Thanks so much.

    • Assyra Giles says:

      I never looked at sleep this way. I always felt it was just resting to charge myself & being ready to face my daughter’s day when she goes & comes home from school. So ready to do different. Thank you.

    • Toni Hopkins-Brown says:

      Thanks, Steve for the enlightening video. I don’t sleep very well, but, I remembered the times when I didn’t I was up writing. I self-published two novels through Author House, “don’t do it!” They are a rip offs. I wouldn’t buy my novels from them. I pushed away from my computer and started playing Panda Pop on my phone. But, after hearing your video I uninstalled Panda Pop. I ready to jump, I must re-establish myself and embrace the gifts that God have given to me. I have two novel “From a Child’s Mind to an Adult’s heart” and “Calling All Mothers.”

    • Janette Howard says:

      Try napping in the afternoon, it helps me. My uncle may he Rest In Peace, use to always take a nap and he would say how rejuvenated he felt. And he was an author, professor and a full time pastor and if it was good for him it’s good for me.

  • Tonya "Toni" Netters says:

    You are so right, Big Brother Steve. As a writer, I’m often awakened around 3 am. I get up, write what I hear and or read and study. This has been going on for years. That’s why I have written so many screenplays, poems, short stories, commentaries etc. Now, I’m seeking the opportunity for the production of all these writings. One of my greatest dreams is to put as many African American actors/actresses on the big screen with my library of work. I desire to have a multi-motion picture deal that will bombard the big screen; spotlighting our creative craftsmanship, intellectual abilities, clothed in our elegant essence. I have the scripts raring to go. They just need to be seen and Oprah says.

  • Diana Bussey says:

    I’m so happy you shared this video. There is a family member that I can’t wait to send this to.
    Thank you!!

  • Simone says:

    Hi Steve my name is Simone Wynter and the way you see sleep that’s how I see it my story is so profound that why I know I am bound for success. I remember when I was doing my bachelors I have three kids single mother, I work in Brooklyn 5 days a week 11pm to 7 am, I live in queens every morning after work I have to rush home get my kids ready for school, drop them off, come home just to brush my teeth and rush to the Bronx to school for 10:50am. After class finish at 1:50pm I have to reach queens to pick up my daughter by 2:40pm, then go home make dinner sleep for the most 2 hours then head back to work at time it’s only half hour rest some times none and I thank God for seeing me through I did graduate so I must say I believe you when u say you have to be at it around the clock not much time for rest.

  • Felicia Harding-Williams says:

    When I decided to put my all natural beauty line on the market sleep went out the window. Working 11p-7a to finance my dream. I rent a small office space that I use as an office to make products and store to sell them. So when I get off in the a.m. I go straight to my office/ store and get to work from posting on Facebook, making more products, passing out samples, you name it. On top of that I do a local tv show which airs in February but I have to find guess create subjects to talk about and so much more. All these avenues I use to promote my beauty products and branding myself and products. Friends and strangers that see me or follow me on face book ask all the time when do I sleep? All I can say is when my brain stop coming up with new ideas to get my product out to the world. Yes I want to be international and I’ve only been public for three months made first sale in a stare out side of mine today so I’ll sleep when I see Momma Veez all natural beauty line in homes around the world.

  • Parrish Godchild says:

    The one good thing about sleep….

    “God speaks to men as they slumber upon their beds and He seals their instruction.”

    – Book of Job

  • Ken says:

    1st, I love you Steve and agree with 99% of what you say but I don’t agree with this getting less Sleep video. When I interviewed for an assistant coaching football job at a university, the head coach told me that the secret to success was sleeping only 3-4 hours a night. While other coaches were sleeping, he was working on beating them. He was an extremely successfull coach eventually coaching in the NFL. If I mentioned his name the majority of football fans would recognize him. Well, his wife raised his children as he was never home and when he decided to retire from over 50 years of coaching, his wife was diagnosed with Cancer and given 3 months to live. She made it 2 months. It was so sad. I tried getting by with less sleep but my body would just not allow it. If I could get a least 7 hours of sleep, I was good to go. And, yes I had a very rewarding teaching & coaching career. A former student/Athlete of mine’s son is playing for the Washington Huskies and they are in the playoffs. He told me that UW has researched the Importance of REM sleep. They now believe it is more important than nutrition and training. The athletes who were able to get REM sleep trained and performed at much higher levels than the athletes who did not get REM sleep. To reach the benefits of REM sleep take 4-5 hours.

  • Amy Ward says:

    Powerful instruction Mr. Harvey! You illuminated an area that stagnates dreams and keeps success out of reach for those not willing to wake up and make the effort. I see where I can do better. Thank you.

  • France's Dougherty says:

    I disagree with the fact that sleeping 8 hours will make you poor, maybe, the folding of the hands will. I use to get 4 hours of sleep a night and ended up with Cancer twice due to do much stress and lack of sleep and rest.

    I believe in automaton of as many business systems as possible and hiring virtual help to alleviate as much task work as possible and not watching a lot of TV, and looking at best practices already in place will lead to success and wealth, and looking at money as only a Tool.

    It also depends on the persons body and how they feel. I need at least 6 hours if sleep to function and I am going to gat it as well as rest, and I have no doubt that I will generate wealth.

    God also advised in the bible as well, ”
    It is vain for me to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of anxiuis toil, for He gives blessings to His beloved in sleep. Psalm 127:2

    This is my belief.

  • Melissa says:

    Failure is a big part of success. Most people who achieve massive success have failed at their craft, often many times over. Michael Jordan says his success is due to how much he has failed. It’s not just about being gifted, it’s about being tenacious and resilient in the face of challenges and failures. I don’t think failing means it’s not what you’re meant to do. Failure prepares you for when the time comes to step into the opportunity meant for you, according to God’s plan.

    As far as sleeping, I can’t sleep more than five hours. I wake up knowing there’s so much for me to do. I usually fall asleep because my body revolts! But I want to train myself to fall asleep at a set time because predictable, restorative sleep is important for mental function and stress relief. When I wake up late – after 9 or 10 – the day goes by much faster and I get less done. I find 4:30 – 5AM the ideal time to rise for the most productivity.

  • Shari M Morgan says:

    Hi Steve. I assume you get your “sleep” when you take those.two to three week island vacations. Well I do believe in going hard for what you want. Bur you have to listen to your body as well. Everyone is different. I sis that before. Going hard on 2-4 hours of sleep. Man your body will shut down, and then you can’t do anything for a week or so. Just listen to your body and always eat healthy. That helps.

  • John Owens says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!! I loved this. I found out that my lack of sleep was due to my “never shutting my mind off”. I had to practice “Not Thinking” as I tried to sleep. It took a few nights but each time I caught myself thinking while trying to sleep I stopped the thinking. It was not easy but it worked.I still have to consciously keep watch because I will lay there and think for what seems like a few minutes but before I know it an hour or more has passed so I still have to keep watch over my habit of thinking about my vision while trying to go to sleep. It is still a work in progress.