[VIDEO] Leave Your Comfort Zone

If it’s one thing I know about success, it’s that it never fully comes until you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. Each time I ventured into new territory – my discomfort was there. Writing a book, hosting a game show, taping a talk show and the list goes on.

It’s absolutely normal to feel a little trepidation. It can be considered normal to experience butterflies, sweaty palms, a little doubt or some fears. But the difference between those who experience more success and those who don’t – is the willingness to move forward in spite of this feeling.

I talked about this at my last Act Like A Success Conference.

Check out this clip:

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  • sandra says:

    The short video is spot on and I agree. My mother always told me anything worth achieving isn’t easy so uncomfortableness fits that category. Being successful the right way means having integrity, respect, and always standing up for what is right not taking short cuts. People are successful but are they doing the right things while being successful. Bottom-line, the short video was good. Thanks for sharing.

  • Cynthia Cooper says:

    Being from the country with no dreamers, I know I need to become uncomfortable and step out there. I just want to connect with others to help drive me to do that. I listen to you daily in hopes that I’m ready to step up and do what I dream. I’m surrounding myself with successful people and I know this will make the difference. Thanks Steve for all you are doing to help us realize its OK to step out on faith. How else will I know if its right?

    • Julia Baptiste says:

      Good Day Ms. Cooper,

      I find your post quite interesting and compelling enough for me to reach out to you. I came from a similar place and would like to help you on your faith journey.



    The small clip made me want more. I have incorporated in my daily schedule to listen to Lisa Nichols and Les Brown on the way to work and at work each day. I am making baby steps and I wrote a check to myself for a million dollars for my dream business. This is my 3 year plan. I might not make the million but I am sure going to work hard at getting close to it. I signed up for the 7 day mini course and looking forward to attending one of the conferences one day soon.

  • Angela says:

    Thanks for this video clip. I have never heard this before. I feel God is leading me somewhere new and it doesn’t make sense and I am so uncomfortable. It’s time for me to step into the uncomfortable, thank you so much you are a true inspiration!

  • Kathy Combs says:

    Yes, in order to achieve great things we must move out of our comfort zone. We must take steps towards our goals in order to grow and to achieve them! We also must stick with it, not giving up. I’ve heard it said that when you practice something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. We must get into the habit of moving forward!

  • Diana Black says:

    Steve leave and go where with a 12yr old child and no money. Looking for jobs day after day in the evening because I homeschool my daughter. We catch the bus or I bum my neighbors car to go get groceries off the $260 a month child support. When we catch the bus I have to carry my staff because we are always getting attack by some stray dog. The men are like animals and only play on what they can draw from you. I have been to prison for 6 1/2 yrs in my younger days and really lost my motherly bond with my other 4 adult chilren when that happened. I went back to school and received a Master’s degree in 2010 and haven’t had a decent life since. I am tiered of fighting I just want to enjoy life and be with my daughter and 8 grandchildren that I have at age 44 soon to be 45 yrs old July 16. Kai is the only one of my children I have been with since birth and she is an only child of her father who waited until he was 43 yrs old to have her. I can not risk losing her to the garbage that goes on in these programmed schools. I know because I witnessed it first hand with my other children and yes I still have the notebook of my daughter when she was in 3rd grade and her racist teacher wrote something almost everyday to make her oit of a problem child. Got tiered of fighting with those people because I realize you dont get time back so I took responsibility and that’s why she is homeschool. Kai has been playing piano since she was 5 yrs with Dr. Bugg at the UMKC and trust me I am not going to throw all that away just because we are poor and don’t have any money. Her father worked at his job for 23 yrs and was laid off. It took him almost 2yrs just to get a part time job at a car wash. This MATRIX is a joke and no more KISSING ASS just eat and pay bills. I am tiered of the manipulation, lies, and hatred just to control the lives of the American people. I stop watching t.v almost 2yrs ago occasionally I might watch something meaningfull for fun with my daughter but this whole system is a lie. As the great Margret Thatcher states, Constitutions need to be writen on HEARTS not just on paper that can be falsified at any given time. Its time for a change in this world.. Now do you understand what I am saying or do you think I am making up excuses? I have seen young people get shot down in the streets for absolutely nothing. My house shot up 10 times and the police did absolutely nothing. Luckily we were not home and yes this happened in broad daylight. Now tell me how do I get out of my comfort zone?

    • Clenistine Fortune says:

      Yes, this is so true. Oftentimes, I found myself becoming a “people pleaser.” Especially when it came down to family. On Good Friday, this year, I lost one of my oldest sisters, who by the way was a twin. She was one of my biggest supporters. That same day, I went on a three month Sabbatical and just came off it. I literally did not speak to anyone on any social media sites or post anything. I had to understand my gift and exactly how I should use it. Because, I am an artist/fashion designer. I know now that I can usey gift as a healing tool to help “make the world a better place to live.”

    • Charmin says:

      Diana Black,
      I know your comment od to $teve, but I am going to sha’re with you what came to me while reading what you wrote. You’ve been through a lot of bad situations. The good news is that you made it put alive, with a sound mind, a functioning boda, and still film od passion when expressing yourself (even though You’ve repeated numerous time s “you’re tired”). Do you realize that you still have a fighter on you? How about you fight (not physical fight), to ensure that what your kids went through you don’t allow your grandkids to have that experience. Now you said you have a degree, is it possible to do whatever you got your degree on to do a side hustle? If yes take that money to move out of that area you live in that is bad based on what You’ve stated in your comment. No, I don’t live in the best of plaće, but i’ve lived where gun shots we’re fired at any given time. I stayed prayed up, while working my butt off doing my best to give my kids a better life. Situations still occur but I NEVER gave up despite how tired I got, and to this day I am still striving for my kids and they’re grown. You see I always believe on fighting for what you believe on, and even if I fight by myself I don’t care everyone is not going to understand why se do what se do. However once I know that’s all that mathers to me. I applaud you even though it nas not mean much to you. You don’t know who I am, and I don’t know who you are but based on what you wrote you sound like a STRONG WOMAN. A STRONG WOMAN, who had her share of life’s experience, and still manage to make it. No you’re not financially where you would like to be but there is still hope once you’re willing to go for ir. Your many tests ste your testimonies that van help inspire other women that maybe going through what you’ve been through. I will keep you in my prayers, and I pray God awaken what seems to have been put to sleep on you, and that to me is the fighter on you.

  • Julia Baptiste says:

    Short and powerful clip! THANK YOU Mr.Harvey!

    • Debra Hardrick says:

      Dear Sir, as a matter of fact I feel the butter flies right now. I jumped out with nothing in order to achieve something. After many years of searching for my passion. I found out that I wanted to own my own business. I created Hardrick’s Heavenly Smoked Wings a home bound business. I smoke wings and turkeys with various types of wood. Its the beginning and I am out of my comfort zone. thank you for your encouragement.

  • Susan M Freeman says:

    Powerful, Powerful Word!! Thanks for the reminder,.I will fail in my comfort zone. No more comfort zone for me!!

  • Kenny Hemsley says:

    You’re right Steve you have to move out of the conference room. Sometimes it’s hard when you have a family to support. Knowing when to make the decision to switch and move out on faith can sometimes be hard. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • Mark Arsenault says:

    It comes down to that, Steve. You are absolutely right. I taught classes in a county jail and every time I asked someone what they were willing to sacrifice to be successful, if they said “Nothing,” you can guess what I told them!

  • Winifred Eure says:

    I totally agree that success is uncomfortable. I can look back over my life
    and recall the times I’ve experienced success and how uncomfortable the process was. I’ve made up my mind that I will not self-publish my next book but will take the necessary steps to have rit published by a major publisher , without doubt or fear.
    Thank you again fior einforcing what I aready knew.

  • Gerri S. Renewed says:

    Leaving your comfort zone can be as little as trying a new dish after making the same thing for years and finding out that you like it. For those that are seriously having a hard time out there, JOIN THE CLUB!!! We all are suffering but you take it in stride and keep on walking… Today, I am off of work and will be trying something new with my son. I am getting out of my comfort zone trying something new and YES its scary. YES, he doesn’t want to try either but the thing is, WE ARE DOING IT and you never know what it will bring. Bottom line is this, just try something new. That’s getting out of your comfort zone.

  • Lynette Byrd says:

    This was such a great motivator for today…I am truly too comfortable! Time to get focused -Thanks Steve!

  • Stacey Puryear says:

    Me and my wife have been working together in business for a while we step out of our comfort zone many times, venture into one project after the next. After several fail attempts we never quit, until this recently business project that has us at wits in. We started our on dance school and its been a struggle but worth the investment in the lives of young people and their testimonies has kept us focus. Some days its hard with me out of work and trying to keep the business a float and she’s working a temp job to hold the house down, it’s been stressful. I always reflect back on the advice and videos you have shared to keep us going- the Jump video, and the wagon video you shared on Oprah. We are in our second year of business as a nonprofit working with mostly inner city kids trying to raise money so on and so on, but the smile on their faces is the joy we say to ourselves its worth he push. I just encourage myself and her each day to WIN, IN SPITE OF THE SITUATION, because I believe the parachute is going to open soon. For those who out there that need motivation, just think about the person who you know that dreams but never ACT. http://www.dqtsa.org

  • Dr. Shirley Clark says:

    This is so true, Steve. Success is not automatic and winning is not an accident.

  • Velma Campbell says:

    Decisions decide faith. When you make the decision to do what is uncomfortable, there is great peace and supernatural help. Nobody will likely help with the start of the business, that’s on you. Your business, your sweat, sacrifice, and rewards.

  • Mary Manuel-Fortes says:

    Well said Mr Harvey,
    I read something and never forgotten it.. Fear and comfort zone are such faithful friends – “they will follow you to your grave”. This was a game changer for me…
    Tell you what – Yes stepping out is feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable, taking risks. So what! – Just Woman-Up – breathe and let-it-go.. Somehow when you decide to do this – it’s almost like the Universe awaits for you and will meet you there in the journey.. My gratitude Mr Harvey.

  • Judy Williams says:

    This video is right on point because it is uncomfortable on your way to success. The decisions you have to make can make you feel uneasy, but one thing is for sure I’d rather be uncomfortable than to stay in a little box. Taking a risk and a challenging is much more gratifying. On my way to my Destiny.

    Thank you,

    Steve Harvey

  • Janien R says:

    Thanks Steve

    As humble as I can say it. People have put me in a small box where I have gotten comfortable and at the prime age of 49 I made a decision to take a leap that not only is uncomfortable physically but mentally. All I could say is that there is a passion in me that NO ONe else can put out!!!!! But me! So Hello Whole here I am!!!

  • Valeria says:

    Really true because this is how I feel. Want to be successful but I feel like I am stuck now

  • Rosalind Marshall Jones says:

    This soundbite was great. I must be getting ready to make millions. I’m a business owner and have been wanting to give up because I have felt uncomfortable and defeated. Thank you for for letting me know I am normal and now I can remain on my journey.

  • Dywon Kelsey says:

    Success can’t be found in a comfort zone.
    Your comfort must be found in achieving your goal.

  • Angela says:

    Thanks, Steve I’ve given up on my dream.

    • Michelle Browne-Cathey says:

      Don’t give up Angela – I hope and pray that you have or will find the strength and mindset to go for it. God bless you!

    • Kerry says:

      Don’t give up on God. Honor Him by achieving your dream. He will be there every step of the way. He placed the dream in you for a reason.

    • Patrice Glover says:

      It feels real comfortable to just let go and give up, but i haven’t even just turning 59 i still believe it’s suppose to happen for me. After a bad accident now no car ,no job, no life what so ever! So Angela please what ever you do honey keep the faith and keep pushing. It will happen! but you’ll never know if you give up and don’t try. It still feels like i am waiting to began living at 59

  • Saundra Jackson says:

    As I have heard this statement constantly from one source or another in the last 30 years, it makes me realize that I no longer am willing to pay to be seen with people who are being seen. I want to be paid for my expertise and that makes others uncomfortable.

  • Michelle Browne-Cathey says:

    I have (had) real issues with coming out of my comfort zone. I didn’t realize how comfortable I was in this zone until I took an honest evaluation of myself, what I am doing and what I truly want to with my life. I am looking forward to the Personal Transformation Program, learning more about myself and learning how to follow my dreams. Thanks Steve Harvey and company for the messages. I thank God for allowing me to be able to go on this journey.

  • Frazier says:

    Short and powerful.

  • Melvia says:

    Hi Steve,
    This is great information because I really need to step out of my comfort zone. Not only from a business standpoint, but also for my personal life. It’s going to take some extra work on my part, but I am going to succeed. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Jackie Chesser says:

    We are all faced with the decision to make a choice. Every decision posing a little discomfort. The biggest decisions with the biggest rewards will always pose the biggest discomfort. This is where most people get stuck. However, It wasn’t until I acknowledged my discomfort and made some of the biggest decisions of my life. It wasn’t until I got over the fear of whatever I was afraid of at the time (took the leap), that I earned more, learned more, and moved closer to being my best.

    • Jackqueline Pierce says:

      I really needed this, I listened to something the other day you said about gifts and passion. I am a nurse am 53 years old and my whole life has been dedicated to taking care of kids and family. Now I’m trying to figure out to lysine care of me and live life for me. I things I want to do and that I believe God wants me to do. But I’ can seem to get started. When I say that people always say then there shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s for someone else I can get it done without question. I just don’t know how to live life for me. I thank you so much for your words of inspiration you give us.

  • Lady J says:

    I completely agree, and I enjoy that world because you discover so much more. I understand working hard to get what you want is a given. In order to be successful you have to follow your own dreams, not someone else’s dream wrapped up in yours. It has to be your vision regardless of how impossible it may seem or how ludacriss it may sound. I know everything I put my mind to will get accomplished. I’m just facing many battles that brings doubts, so I have to place my bets on God seeing me through.

    • Cynthia Washington says:

      Thank you for breaking down the fact that we have to stay with our own dreams and not someone else’s dreams wrapped up in mine.

  • Abdul says:

    Greetings from Nairobi-Kenya,I heard from different motivational speakers talking about.”going out of our comfort zone”and that’s the game changer.Thanks Mr.Steve Harvey and his team.

  • Nhlanhla says:

    Hey Steve, Wow this is inspirational, My life Is trasnforming through your exceptional work and your motivational videos. I choose to step out of my comfort zone and risk my job , To focus mainly on my newly established business. But what If It all goes wrong? Im a bread winner, Im a bit skepital about the whole thing. On the other hand im sick and tied of struggling to survive, I only want whats best for my kids and my family.
    May God bless you Steve, And the rest of your followers. Wow guys, We on the right path, Lets work hand In hand, Together we move forward.

    • Donavan Brown says:

      Hey family I’m Donavan I am new to this movement and I too am stepping out of my comfort zone.
      I have been running my Roadside Assistance business for Five years now and want to find my gift. I read your comment. I hope I am not going to offend you but read Hebrews 11:6. I will tell you a little it talks about Faith. Without Faith it’s impossible to please God. Love you Family you will be productive in your Business.

  • Shirley says:

    Thank you Steve…I have learned that now…when you move into the uncomfortable zone God is giving you the opportunity to grow and something BIG is about to happen which is a blessing..you can’t get your blessing being comfortable because to reach your destiny of course you are going to be uncomfortable.

  • Lashun Highsmith says:

    Thanks for reaffirming my condition of being uncomfortable. I have been in an uncomforted zone for so long it is ridiculous. I have been around small minded people all my life. The two biggest is my mother and wife. Isn’t that some shhh ! The ones I can’t get around. I had to switch professions due to health issues people around me don’t believe actually bother me (acl in both knees torn for over 20 years). 3 Years ago I stopped styling hair and went to school for digital multi media. I took some of the skills they taught me and was able to start a business, which has changed faces a few times in a short time. They got me to take a job when I want a corporation. I quit and now am in to screen printing, along with designing graphics the whole nine. I have been steady gaining customers, but I want to sell my own designs. I know which will make more money in the future, but I have been spending more time designing for that long hall. Money is slim and I am not the bread winner now, and I feel the control in my house completely lost. Thanks for that advice because I know some people got to get off my wagon, and it will get more uncomfortable. I have always believed if they do they will have their own ass to kick later. Now I know they will get off and I will achieve my dreams because they include my gifts.

    • Patrice Glover says:

      As a little girl my dream was to sing loved music and dancing never got the chance. Now i’m older not actually sure what my gift is. I do know a lot of people looks toward me for comfort and guidance. I was once told that i am blessed and so is everything that my hands touch.

      • Patrice Glover says:

        Totally stuck in my comfort zone since retirement, Stuck in the house everyday nothing to look forward to each day. I know i could be making a difference in the world some how. Not sure where or how to start.

        • Green says:

          Patrice, start living one day at a time! Do somethings you have always wanted to do…do something you never had time for…just do something.

  • Cynthia Crooms says:

    Yes I’m well aware of the comfort zone.

    I was having a discussion with one of my best friends the other day. I love what I do; but I know I’m not receiving my full worth in salary. I am currently pursuing a dual master’s degree, which I know will help me get to the next level. I also know that next level unfortunately with not be with my current employer. So my dilemma is, do I stay where I am until I graduate i March 2018, or do I move to another bigger opportunity that is uncomfortable for me, but the next step in the goals and a better fit for my gifts?

    I do okay in uncomfortable, but it is so much less scary dealing with the known. This is what I need help with. Learning when and why I need to jump, instead of staying too long.

    Thanks Steve

  • Constance James says:

    Thank you Mr. Harvey for letting me know that all of the feelings I’m feeling are just me on the edge of my comfort zone!! “It can be considered normal to experience butterflies, sweaty palms, a little doubt or some fears. But the difference between those who experience more success and those who don’t – is the willingness to move forward in spite of this feeling.” As I write this I am feeling that now because I’m about to say, in this forum, that I am going to “Jump” out of my comfort zone and make it happen!!!

  • Dorothy says:

    Thanks Steve,
    I needed to hear this again I have been told this over and over again in order to achieve your dreams you must step out of your comfort zone. I want to become successful business owner, to do that I must step out on faith and not take No’s personally No’s are just a driving force to propel out of that box and JUMP as high as I can into my future dreams and aspirations.

  • Angel McAllister says:

    I was listening to something the other day, and the person in the video said “Get out yo feelings and get in your focus”. Meaning we gotta stop worrying about how things might make us feel, especially when we are on a path to success. Remain focused and stop getting distracted with your fears and being uncomfortable. Thanks Steve for always educating and motivating.

  • Glenda Hickembottom says:

    There is always something in life that makes us feel uncomfortable. If we are able to pursue our dreams in the middle of uncomfortability. At least we are going towards that dream.

    • Alesha Wells says:

      Steve, I thank God for you and pray that I get to meet you and your wife some day soon!! You sai Jump life your life depends on it”! I have to jump! I love what I do but it has been 30 years of safety and I am not experiencing the joy that I believe God has for me however I will not be starting anything in 2017! I will pick up the fragments, take the golden nuggets from your 6min clips, use your books and Ms Patrice’s book as reference and bible as guide and stir up the Gift that’s been planted in me! I must Jump before I die! I am spiritually dying! I will not be defeated!
      I must maintain Integrity, doing what I said I would do!
      Success & Blessings

    • Martha March says:

      I understand that once you step out of your comfort zone things happen.

  • Ariana B. says:

    We are less than one hour into the new year and I’m hearing this message. It comes to me at a time where I have decided to cease from allowing my fears and comfort dictate my life and just JUMP! This is the beginning of my last week at my job because I am moving to a place that I feel that I will be able to take my life to the next level in a positive way. I am going to focus on strengthening myself, my loving son and husband while I also pursue the necessary education and resources to open my own business, which has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I got away from it some time ago and did what I felt was the best (and safest) thing to do with my life. I now realize that I was never really living during this time, only existing and sometimes barely even doing that. I’m nervous but even more excited to finally see what LIVING is about! Thanks for the encouraging words that aided me in feeling good about whats to come!