The Benefits of Service

There’s no doubt that many people have busy lives. Between work and family, our daily schedules can fill up quickly. But carving out time to volunteer and be of service to others is a fantastic way to give back.

There are a number of benefits to volunteering that include:

  • Helping those in need.
  • Being a part of a community.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Connecting and networking with others.
  • Gaining confidence.
  • Having fun.
  • Taking on a new challenge.
  • Building your resume.
  • Giving a sense of purpose.
  • Making a difference for others.

When it comes to the events and programs that we do, there’s no way we would be able to pull it off without the support of our volunteer team.

We could never do what we do if it wasn’t for our volunteers. They are the ones that are of service to us so we can be of service to you.

At the last Act Like A Success Conference, we had such an amazing group of volunteers ensure that the attendees had an incredible experience. And I bet the volunteers had some powerful takeaways as well!

Where do you volunteer? Why do you like volunteering? Put you answer in the comments section and then hit the “Share” button.


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  • C. K. Williams says:

    Even though my son has graduated from his high school 2 years ago, I still an active and dedicated volunteer; going on 7 years now.

    • Alfrancine Harvin says:

      Volunteering at Church serves to help us to get to know each other better. We talk about the lessons taught in service, things that go on in our daily lives, as well as seeing to the needs of the Church in general. It also helps us to get through the week by being with people who understand you and give you the kind of support that helps to strengthen and prepare you to get through the rest of the week.Surrounding yourself with like minded people takes the sting out of life’s set backs, disappointments as well as it’s rewards and happy moments. We can’t get through life alone. There will always be some situation where you will need help from someone other than yourself. God will always send you a life line.

  • Veronica Taylor says:

    I volunteer for the American Heart Assoc, PGA Golf, NCAA, Junior Achievement and every other Sunday at Trinity Chapel in Powder Springs, GA.

  • Alextrae StokesMcclendon says:

    I volunteer at my church for a variety of activities from feeding the homeless to supporting youth edu ation programs. My time is also given to organizations and programs supporting growth and leadership skills in teens. I’ve been given the title of program ambassador and serve as an informational resource for many of the specialized programs in and out of state, especially for girls. From DDA, Black Girls Rock, Sadie Nash, and At the Wells Leadership Conferences. All of these programs are dear to my heart, seeing lives change right before my eyes is beautiful. It’s my way of giving back and motivating others young and old by sharing the many success stories. I can say I enjoy planting seeds and keeping the seeds watered as they continue to grow and rise up..

  • Francene says:

    I volunteer for Project “UP!”, ( a program to empower homeless women and children and women in crisis. Are you aware that 65% of the homeless population consists of women with 2-3 children and they are the fastest growing group among the homeless in the U.S.!
    • The faces of the homeless are not just those who stand on corners with signs asking for hand outs. Statistics show that the faces of the homeless have evolved to include those who are unemployed, underemployed and those who have lost their homes due to the economic crisis and/or divorce.
    • Many women with their children have been forced to live with relatives or friends, in hotels, and in some cases, in their cars and even tents!
    • Over 75% of the women in the workforce make less than $25,000 per year, which means that one emergency of something as simple as a traffic ticket or a flat tire can push a woman off her budget and into a homeless situation.
    (Source – Statistical Data for Women’s Groups from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

    In 2010, I began conducting Personal Development and Self-Help Classes at a local shelter. I learned that although the residents completed the 9, 10, or 15 month training sessions successfully while at the shelter, a high percentage of them found themselves homeless again shortly after they left the shelter because the available support programs were not targeted to prevent re-entry.

    My mother, known to the world as Mother Mildred Hash, life-time humanitarian, recognized that this devastating national social dilemma affected women all over the U.S and we needed to do even more!

  • Philandria Robinson says:

    I volunteer because it is the right thing to do. I used to examine myself for why I am generous of my time and money. I give to people when I am in need…finally realized God made me that way. I no longer question my motives in helping others. Saying that, I volunteer to family, friends, neighbors, and people on the street. I just ended a tour with AmeriCorps, Illinois Justice Corps assisting people who do not have an attorney to navigate the process, under the supervision of an attorney (I am a paralegal student). I suspended that opportunity to help someone keep their before and after school program open at a church. She, the owner, is undergoing chemo, and I have the credentials for Center Director. Due to privacy issues, I cannot expound on details other than I have no monetary profit in helping her…just the desire for her to get better, and the students have continuity in their lives. I could list many opportunities where I volunteer, i.e., Junior Achievement, etc., however I hope that the message I sending to whoever reads this post, “Do not resist the urge to help somebody. Many times it starts at home, and carries over to people God will put on your heart.”

    • Doria M says:

      Amen. Thank you for your post. Not to question why you want to be always helping but realize God made you that way. God bless you and give you strength to continue the good work.

  • Sarah King Thomas says:

    I volunteer wherever I can see the need I volunteer work I volunteer because I feel good because I feel good I get joy when I help other people I’m not the way I feel when I’m helping other I love giving back and I feel bad because of a lot of the things that I have went through in life that it’s my responsibility to use my experience and the way I overcame to help other so that they would know that while they’re going through their situation that they too can come out okay and that one day there be able to stand before other and share their story to help encourage and strengthen someone else that’s going through it I just get such Joy just annoying that someone has been hurt in one way or another by my sharing my story my talent or whatever it is maybe I just love helping and encouraging people and I also share every day to everyone I meet pretty much is to just think positive no matter what situation you may find yourself and I feel that it’s important to stay positive to find something positive and learn the lesson and use it as an experience to help someone else.

  • Jeanette Williams says:

    I started my volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity. I got my employer and co-workers to volunteer for Hearts and Hammers. Now we repair houses for senior citizens and handicapped people in the communities we serve.

  • Orena Perry says:

    I volunteer at my church mostly. My pastor gives us multiple opportunities each year to be of service to others in the church and in the community. Our church provides food and clothing for the homeless, hosts what we call a Love Fest which includes a live concert, school supplies, hair supplies for the girls and haircuts for the boys, groceries for families, and a host of activities for the families in the community. But aside from church, I have a program that works with ladies 8 years and above called, The I Am Experience. This program is a multi-cultural affirmation conference that re-affirms the woman’s value, worth, and importance first to herself and then to the rest of the world. All of these events and more are rewarding and I’m excited God will use me to do more.

  • Amy Ward says:

    I recently joined the Chaplains Team at my local area hospital. Patient Wellness takes a team approach and the spiritual needs of a patient while being hospitalized is a part of the healing process. It’s not evangelism, but it’s outreach that allows the patient to reach out to us for their spiritual needs or that from their families. I am excited about serving those who are sick and their loved ones. Giving back is a blessing.

    • Cynthia Spriggs says:

      My mom was in the hospital with stage 4 cancer…this type of ministry helped her renew her faith in God..She passed on March 14, 2013…I am thankful she fought a good fight knowing that death was not her final end with God

  • Wanda Pennyman says:

    I went thru a divorce after 20 year and due to negligence lost everything….homeless and stayed in military funded transitional housing for women… stayed 6 months … got car fixed and a job and moved out in June 2016 into my own place … got sick and out in hospital and had to let go apartment …. action ministries gave me a box of food so I started volunteering with packing food boxes … when I became homeless again they stocked me up abundantly…. now I am living and sleeping in my grandsons room at my daughters home….things are in storage… I volunteer at the hank Stewart foundation with is a leadership organization where the offices are held by youth….I also volunteer ( commitment is 1 year for at least 3 hours a week) at the Egleston children’s hospital that extended my 17 year old daughter life with terminal kidney cancer…..she passed away in may 2013 and made me promise not to forget her…. currently trying to start a nonprofit in her honor as well….I also set up a food pantry but due to having to have a full time job I cannot run the way I would like…. volunteering brings me peace……

  • Ann Duckett says:

    Teaching my community about food – connecting the dots between grower and consumer – is one way I volunteer. I’m a board member for The Finger Lakes Culinary Bounty, a non-profit organization in upstate New York that promotes farmers and food producers, restaurants, wineries, cheesemakers and the consumer through events, presentations, and membership. I offer my time and expertise around marketing, public relations and writing. I love telling the stories of the folks who work the soil to yield the food on my plate. I also volunteer my time for food-focused organizations on a smaller scale by through marketing or cleaning out a hoop house! This evening, I’m attending my first volunteer Marketing Meeting for a wonderful organization called Writers & Books, another non-profit group, now more than 35 years old. Its focus is writing and literary programming. Last year, I volunteered for two days at a friend’s church for the Global Leadership Summit, doing what else? Feeding people! I just realized there’s a theme in my life… feed the spirit, feed the soul, feed the belly.