There’s no doubt that many people have busy lives. Between work and family, our daily schedules can fill up quickly. But carving out time to volunteer and be of service to others is a fantastic way to give back.

There are a number of benefits to volunteering that include:

  • Helping those in need.
  • Being a part of a community.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Connecting and networking with others.
  • Gaining confidence.
  • Having fun.
  • Taking on a new challenge.
  • Building your resume.
  • Giving a sense of purpose.
  • Making a difference for others.

When it comes to the events and programs that we do, there’s no way we would be able to pull it off without the support of our volunteer team.

We could never do what we do if it wasn’t for our volunteers. They are the ones that are of service to us so we can be of service to you.

At the last Act Like A Success Conference, we had such an amazing group of volunteers ensure that the attendees had an incredible experience. And I bet the volunteers had some powerful takeaways as well!

Where do you volunteer? Why do you like volunteering? Put you answer in the comments section and then hit the “Share” button.